Susan Shinsky

Healing for the Whole Person: Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual


It is my belief that we all possess the capacity to overcome every obstacle that life brings us. While it is certainly possible to achieve balance on our own, there are times when we may need help.

With the capacity to establish trust and safety with my clients, I can help you learn new coping tools, resolve your difficulties, and achieve balance in your life. And assist discovery of your own strengths, passions, and life direction. This is the basis for growth through life's challenges.

I will personalize the work that we do together to meet your needs. My work is interactive, collaborative, and practical. I can provide you with encouragement and support while you adjust to life's transitions and develop new skills. Life can then become a process of personal growth and healing so that you can step into a more fulfilling future.

As a therapist, I use contemporary tools and techniques to aid in counseling. Two of the most affective are Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Both EFT and EMDR work more quickly and efficiently than talk therapy alone, especially for trauma.

I also use Sound Therapy Tuning Forks, having achieved certification in the BioField Tuning method by Eileen Day McKusick. It is very effective in healing and balancing emotional issues, the effects of trauma, and the physical consequences of everyday stresses and anxiety. It is noninvasive, without interfering with any particular set of beliefs about religion or spiritual practice. While Sound Therapy is not a counseling technique, it is an effective adjunct therapy to calm and relax and often aids the counseling process.

With over 14 years of training in several energy work modalities, I can offer a unique experience in restoring natural balance to my clients on many levels.

Sound therapy and energy work is available to clients and non-clients, according to your needs and preference.

Please refer to the Methods tab on the right side of this page for more in-depth information regarding the variety of approaches available to you.


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