Articles and References

These articles are provided in language and style that is easy to read and understand.  They are meant to be helpful and informative. Please feel free to download them for yourself and others, though I request that if you use them for any other purpose, be aware that it is honorable to give me and/or the original author the proper credit.

Five Steps Toward Recovery

This short list of five guidelines for changing unhealthy patterns includes brief explanations of each step in bulleted form to make it easy to read and refer to.

Autobiography in Five Short Chapters

This famous metaphor for life was written by Portia Nelson and remains an empathetic insight into the process of healing. It is both simple and beautiful.


Go with the Flow

Simple prose, meant to inspire gentle release from the need to control life events that are obviously beyond control and come into our lives as change.


Transforming Toxic Thoughts

These suggestions present uncomplicated methods for getting off the track of negative thoughts about self and others and are meant to help guide us through times of increasing stress.


"Boundaries": Women And Relationships

This article was published in the Natural Awakenings magazine, June 2010 edition, and gives a condensed view of the role of Boundaries in relationships.


Keeping Cool: Healthy Coping Tools for When the Going Gets Tough

Everyone has times when the pressure gets to be too much. No matter how much it may seem that a person is just a victim of the circumstances or situation, the truth is that we have choices in how we are going to handle that pressure. Often people simply make the choice to handle it in the same unhealthy ways that they always have handled troublesome situations. This article will give you some suggestions for healthy coping tools.


Healing the Past with the 4 E's

This interesting article by John Robson gives a basic framework for working with any challenges that arise so you may learn their lessons and let them go.


How to Program Crystals

A helpful guide to one method of programming crystals, which simply means that an energy pattern chosen by you is stored in a crystal. They can then be available for you according to your intention in programming.


5 Ways Angels Communicate with You!

A more practical way of uncovering the ways in which the angels communicate through seeing, hearing, sensing, and knowing.

Sound Therapy with Tuning Forks



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