A Testimonial of Susan's Counseling Abilities:

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart – the heart that I didn’t think that I had anymore …. thanks to you I had a “dream” of my future.  The first time in 3 years.  Thanks to you and all your help and patience!!!  I am here and I have stepped out of the victim role.  I am starting to find that strength again and I will not victimize myself nor let anyone else place me there.  Susan – my own personal angel."


"When I first came to Susan, I was broken, numb, confused, and unhappy.  I had just separated from my husband. The first appointment with her was helpful, relaxing, and motivational. I remember leaving and couldn’t wait to come back to explore my past, present, and future. She helped me by giving me the tools to crawl out of my deep, dark hole. We explored my history of childhood trauma, family issues, and relationship problems. In the year I saw her, I transformed into a new person that I love and cherish. She gave me the homework and tools to heal my pain. I use many of those techniques she taught me today on a daily basis. I’m so thankful to have walked into her office and taken a chance to explore myself and my past."


"As a highly educated professional who ran from her past as an abused child and an abused wife, I needed help picking up the pieces and putting my life back together. Susan showed me that running from the past was not only counterproductive and destructive to me, but also to those around me. With her help I was able to stop my self-destructive patterns and begin to live a life worth living. I learned that being alone and whole was better than being incomplete and miserable in a bad relationship."


“I am a middle-aged woman and have had a lot of trauma and abuse in my life. When I was a child, my parents were young adults and normal responsible individuals. But they didn't know how to parent us as children. There were no set rules in this area. Instead of dealing with us, they chose to ignore our desire for attention. Over the years I grew up very confused and troubled but never could identify my real thoughts and feelings. All I knew was to please others. I made a lot of wrong decisions in my life and found myself in prison. There I learned a little about finding answers. I had answers to my questions but never knew the real meaning of identifying "why". Susan has been a wonderful asset and addition to my life. I felt very drawn to her intellectual outlook on life. I have been meeting with Susan for the last 6 months and have been able to advance to the next step of understanding why I have certain thoughts and feelings. I can honestly say that the forces beyond my control led me to cross her path. Thank goodness. I am thankful for Susan always showing me how to think outside of the box. I believe I would have stayed confused. Thank you, Susan, for sharing your dynamic healing knowledge and guiding me toward a better future. With your help, my goals in life are being met. Rock on Susan!!”

--K.S., Texas

"When I first came to see Susan, it was at the advice of my physician. I wasn't getting well because I was always stressed out. My life before counseling with Susan was a real mess. I felt like the small ball pinging off the bumpers in a pinball machine. I was bouncing from one situation and feeling to the next. I never felt like I had any type of control over what was happening to me.

I am learning to set boundaries in my life. Boundaries were something I never really knew existed. Now I am feeling so much more balanced and centered. I can see a situation for what it is or a person for who they are. I can now choose my thoughts and feelings. I have the right to walk away from a situation or relationship. I can say no. I have choices. I can set limits.

My mind and body are so much healthier now. Yes, there will always be stressful and tough times. But now I have tools which help me work through whatever life has for me. Thank you so much, Susan!"


“I have worked with Susan for over a year now. She has and continues to help me deal with the effects of childhood sexual abuse. Her therapeutic approach is compassionate while at the same time providing an honest challenge to my unhealthy ways of thinking. I find her to be very insightful and perceptive in identifying behavioral patterns that I was not entirely aware of.

Susan has helped me differentiate my current sense of self from my abusive past. She has guided my path through the shadows of fear, shame, and guilt that survivors often feel and has helped me grow. Therapy is never easy and those feelings often creep back in, but Susan has worked with me to let go of being a victim and to grasp hold of being a survivor.”

--K.G., Adult male survivor of childhood sexual abuse


Testimonials of Susan's Energy Work:

"I benefited greatly from ... you working on me. I have had major breakthroughs and new connections and the flow of information. I am so grateful for what ... you did for me."


"I wanted to give you some feedback from the session. On Friday afternoon, I became very tired, told myself if I was still tired in half an hour I would lay down. I did lay down and almost instantly shifted awareness and became an observer of my body. I had a huge energy release and balance with my heart, then it shifted to my intestinal area. I watched and felt this energy shift, move, and dissipate. Then fell into a very deep sleep for an hour. I awoke feeling wonderful. Thanks so much for the session. By the way, my knees are doing great, the energy that was blocked there has released and all is wonderful"


"... I'm already noticing an improvement in my right hip. Also noticing that I am feeling lighter and more cheerful."



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